Not sure if you like craft beer???  You clearly haven’t tried Punk IPA by the legendary craft beer creators at Brewdog in bonny Scotland.
Best friends Martin and James founded Brewdog to change peoples perception on beer.  They like myself and many others were becoming disillusioned with the beer scene in the uk.  And in my opinion these two guys are the ones responsible for starting the revolution of craft beer in the uk.  Inspired by the hop heavy beers they tried in the states, they go hop crazy in thier approach to beer making. And I for one champion that approach.

This amazing beer instantly smacks you in the face with heavy tropical citrusy aromas.  It smells so good it could easily be inhaled instead of drank. But that is not reccomended.  Light and golden in colour and coming in at a rather tasty 5.6%, this when chilled to between 4-6 degrees is most definatly quaffable.  Instantly engulfing your entire mouth with tropical fruit flavours. These upon swallowing turn intensly citrusy. With grapefruit very prominant to continue the exotic taste.  The beer for its strength is very smooth and it ends with a very satisfying bitterness that doesn’t leave the pallet too dry.  I love this beer. And it should be celebrated. Not just for the quality and ingenious in its invention, but for being one of the genuine heavyweights in the uk craft beer revolution.

Get to your supermarket and buy this
beer and see for yourself how good beer can truly be.


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