Welcome to my craft beer blog

2y1iApbJtKuzvELlOzMxTV-yghna9lIJNt3x9iv1Cf7e2raMtgM-7S_KyooNbkEMkbELQn5wU2j8rwi8GX0JsypvRCgm=w580-h190-ncThankyou for visiting my blog.  In which I hope to share my experiences of fabulous beers, discussing flavours, aromas and appearances among all other aspects of beer.  The craft beer scene is growing rapidly.  Following the trend over the pond in the USA, people of the Uk are beginning to demand complex hop filled beers and changing the trend of warm flat ales and the bearded old man reputation that came with it.  Beer is becoming hip, trendy and more importantly demanded. Which in my eyes is a truly fabulous thing.

Now im no expert or experienced blogger.  I’m your average thirty something working/middle-class family man.  I just happen to truly love beer and wish to share it with as many people as i can.   So forgive my atrocious grammar, my terrible choice of vocabulary and basically disastrous writing style. For I am not here to seek accolades. I merely want to share the joy of craft beer,  and so I shall.

I will begin my first review with a beer that is setting the standard in the uk beer revolution. A beer that smacks you in the face with punchy hop flavour, aromas and literally wakens your mind to what real craft beer is.  So stay tuned for the next post.

I look forward to any response or feedback from anyone. So don’t be shy.


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