Blacksheep All Creatures


You can usually trust in Blacksheep if its a traditional hop bitter British ale you seek.  So you will be mildly surprised by this addition to the Blacksheep family.  Light and golden in colour the aromas strike your nostrils quite pleasantly. Giving hints of grassy herbs and a definite sweet, almost apple like smell that definitly invites you to taste.  Very light and smooth in mouth feel leaves a somewhat disappointing taste sensation on the pallet.  Slight maltose flavour mildly infused with light bitterness from the combination of three hops. A definite apple like flavour, I presume from the use of Bramling Cross hops.  This beer definitly has a session feel to it.  Although it’s not bad at all, it for me leaves you feeling a little let down and wanting a more flavourful punch.  This is a beer that compliments great with strong cheese and cured meats. Not my favourite of the Blacksheep beers but certainly  worth trying out.  I have a feeling that this beer could and probably is so much better from.the cask that from the bottle.  As yet I have yet to see it in any of the pubs I frequent,  but I will keep my eyes peeled for it.  So for now I shall rate Blacksheeps All creatures a respectable but slightly disapointing 6/10.


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