Blue Moon


Being a complete and utter snob when it comes to craft beer, I usually steer well clear from beers brewed by the so called bigger breweries out there. Bud, Carlsberg and the like.  Luckily for me I was blissfully unaware that this wonderfully crafted wheat beer is produced by Coors.  Despite it stating, “bottled by the Blue Moon beer co.” on the label. It is most definately a Coors product.  I was reccomended this beer by a work mate who tried this while in Edinburgh, served with a slice of orange in the glass.  I know. Thats what I thought.  So the first thing iI did was head to my supermarket to buy and try.  Now im not the biggest lover of wheat beers. Its easy to be put off by the sickly sweet scent and flavours of some ive sampled.  However this is rather different. Its a good introduction to wheat beer if its new to you.  It is brewed obviously with wheat, but also with oats.  Which give it a cloudy appearance and a smooth almost creamy like texture in the mouth.  Upon opening you are instantly hit with the aromas of citrus, predominantly orange and grassy spicy notes. You do get that difficult to describe wheaty smell. Almost like a raw bread dough. Some people like that, I’m not a massive fan, but I can cope with it in the name of research.  When it comes to drinking its an all together different experience to other wheat beers I’ve tried, smooth creamy mouth feel, massive orange and citrus combined with peppery spicy notes and grassy corriander flavour.  It leaves a notable tang of orange after swallowing that definatly invites you to want more.

This is definatly a spring time or summer beer to be enjoyed in the warmer weather. The citrus flavours in this are refreshing and perfect for those lazy summer days.  And like I said, a bit of a slap in the face for the beer snobs like me and a bit of a middle finger back to me from Coors.  Maybe these bigger breweries do care about what they produce after all.

I rate this beer 6.5/10.  Not because its not fantastic.  Just because im not the greatest of wheat beer lovers out there.  Although I reccomend you give this one a try.


2 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. I agree, it’s not too bad.

    Tours of the Coors Brewing facility in Golden seem to always be on the “to do” list for our out of town guests. Blue Moon is the way we get through the tasting bar at the end while everyone else drinks the watery crap.


    1. Hey, thanks for visiting the blog. I appreciate your comments. Yeah the watery crap is so frustrating to me. Its the drinkers of it that annoy me more. Especially when they actually say its great beer!!! Haha. I was actually very surprised to find out Coors brewed Blue moon.


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