10 reasons to drink craft beer!!!!!

Still not convinced to join the craft beer revolution and ditch the watery, mass produced, tasteless lager??  Let me give you ten good reasons to ditch the dish water and embrace the taste..

1, Craft beer tastes of something.

The main reason above everything else is craft beer simply tastes better.  Mass produced lagers are brewed with profit in mind. Nothing more. Where as microbrewers are dedicated to creating something unique. The focus of the craft brewer is to create a drink full of flavour using an abundance of various malts and hops. They put thier heart and soul into the beer and dont cut corners when it comes to quality. Unlike the big breweries, who are more concerned with removing ingredients to make a bigger profit. 

2, More choice

There are over a thousand microwbreweries operating in the uk right now. That is literally thousands of different beers being produced in thier own unique way with thier own unique recipe. There are dozens of different beer varieties to choose from, compare this to your generic lager brands such as Fosters, Stella Artois, Carling there is simply no comparison on choice.  Craft beer wins every time.

3, More alcohol

Thats right.  Most craft beers dont half pack a punch compared to lager.  With most ranging from between 5-10%abv. But thats just the average.  Some beers brewed for the true beer connoisseur and be found with 20-30 even 40%abv. 

4, Health benefits

Believe it or not.  Craft beers do contain health benefits.  Alcohol aside. Drinking craft beer is said to be more beneficial to our health than red wine is.  Research has shown craft beer to contain a range of antioxidants, soluble fibre and B vitamins. I’ll drink to that!!!

5, Meet the people who make your favourite beer

One of the best things about craft beer is the opportunity to meet the brewers, who are more than happy to show you around thier brewey and explain the processes involved in making the beer.  Because of the pride taken in what they make, microbrewers are some of the most approachable people you are likely to meet. Always happy to answer questions on brewing.  Just dont ask them for any of thier recipes.

6, Drinking craft beer saves you money

Because most craft beers are high in alcohol, it doesn’t take as much to get you merry.  Plus, craft beer is to be savoured, not consumed for the purpose of getting ‘off your face’ drunk.  Though that is always an option if desired.

7, You will be joining a revolution

People are sick of bland, tasteless, dish watery beers.  People want to actually taste something when they drink a beer.  By drinking craft beer and refusing to accept that mass produced “beer water”, you are essentially sticking your middle finger up at the big companies and helping the microbrewery industry grow. Which is beneficial in so many ways. Our drinking enjoyment being one. And supporting small local business at the same time, the other. Imagine the idea of enjoying quality, flavoursome beer brewed no more than 10-20miles from where you order it. Fresh beer, fresh taste. Its a no brainer.

8, Its great fun.

Sounds like a good enough reason, right?  Simply put though, it is really good fun.  Theres nothing better than meeting a group of friends or family and discussing the beer you are drinking.  I dare you to try it just once.  The vast array of different beers available mean you can discuss the smells, tastes, appearance.  You’ll be amazed by the diversity of different beers.  You could even make it a regular thing. Craft beer nights. Why not??

9, Craft beer and food go hand in hand

Like fine wines, craft beers are fantastic for matching up with food.  The vast array of styles and flavours mean pairing them to food is a new and exciting scene on its own.  Already there are restraunts and gastro pubs creating dishes to pair perfectly with specific beers.  So much more to offer than your typical curry and lager.

10, Because I said so!!!!!

Yes. I said so.  Craft beer is so much better than lager.  I really cant understand how anyone would rather drink fizzy tasteless lager instead of a craft beer.  Theres so much more to a craft beer. The craft in making it, the care and attention, the dedication to providing you with a flavoursome beer you will want over and over again.  The diversity and choice the craft beer scene presents us is a million leagues ahead of mass produced lager that all tastes and looks exactly the same.  Try craft beer. And I promise you, you’ll never look back. 


6 thoughts on “10 reasons to drink craft beer!!!!!

    1. Yep, so I’ve been lead to believe. There are alot of medicinal properties in the hops. So it does make sense it should be kind of good for you. Do you actually think your hubby would care either way?haha 🙂


  1. Amen to the 1st four reasons! Yes, I do drink beer after I weight train for about 45 minutes. Because its ingredients are much more natural, it’s a better choice than sports drinks. There are even beers specifically crafted for post-recovery workout, believe it or not. Haven’t found any though.

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