Erdinger weissbrau


Time for another wheat beer review, this time its a German hefewiezen by the Erdinger brewery in Erding, Bavaria.  I’ve never been a huge fan of wheat beers to be honest.  Other than Blue Moon there’s not a wheat beer I’ve tried that even remotely tantalised my tastebuds.  However, I really enjoyed this one.  It was reccomended to me by a friend at work, who assured me it was, in his words, ‘lush’.  I personally wouldn’t go that far.  It is though very palettable.


The beer poured a wonderfully hazey orange,  with a thick, pure white head that retained itself nicely.  The aroma was sweet, but not sickly sweet. Very fruity, with light spicey notes. I got a slight hint of clove.  It drew you in, almost begging you to taste it.

On to the taste.  This beer has a wonderful, medium bodied mouth feel. That is crisp and refreshing, yet still offers the classic hefeweizen smoothness and creaminess you would expect.  There is not as much spice as I was expecting after the aroma.  Maybe just a tad clove.  More noteable flavours are the sweet malty flavours and the rather pleasant tang from the wheat.  Its all rounded off with a hint of earthyness, from the yeast I presume.  the finish is maybe a little dry,  but i suppose that just leaves your mouth wanting more.  All in all, I cant fault the drinking pleasure this beer offers.  I’m not experienced enough with wheat beer to say wether this beer stands out in its style.  But for drinking enjoyment alone I’ll give this German wheat beer a mighty fine 7.5/10

If your curious about wheat beers, this is definatly one I would reccomend to dip your toes into.  I’ll definitly be buying more of this.


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