And the best craft beer supplying supermarket is………….

So I was thinking the other day about how much more accessible proper craft beer is today in the uk.  There really is a mountain of choice.  Even your local convenience store provides enough choice to present you with a dilema akin to that of a child in a sweet shop.  The supermarkets offer shelves upon shelves of choice. From local craft breweries, to national super breweries to international craft breweries. The choice is simply fantastic.  The question I asked myself is,  which supermarket is the best.

It all depends on what type or style of beer you prefer.  Tradtional English ale is sold in abundance in all chains of supermarket.  However, what if a more continental style such a hefeweizen, or a Belgian saison is more to your fancy? Are you well catered for in that sense by all chains of supermarket?  What about beers from even further afield, like the USA, or New Zealand, Canada or even Australia.  The world is crammed full of fabulous craft breweries making amazing beer of all styles.  If you are like me.  You’ll want to try them all.  We all have a favourite though, and for me the USA are brewing beers that are blowing me away.  The hop intensity is amazing, and the boldness in thier creativity is pushing new boundaries.

Now this of course is just my personal opinion. I dont endorse myself to any supermarket.  My supermarket of choice is not purely based on the amount of American craft beer on offer.  It’s the fact there is an entire aisle dedicated to craft beer from around the world, as opposed to a shelf.

If you want massive choice then you can look no further than Tesco.  I’ve visited all the major chain superstores purely to sample thier beer aisles, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, M&S, Waitrose.  Not one of them compare to the amazing choice on offer at Tesco.  So if you have a Tesco superstore near you, get yourself along and pick up some fantastic craft beer.


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