When it comes to weaker beers, you as a rule end up drinking something that,lets be honest, tastes like watered down cat urine.  There are exceptions to that general rule of thumb of course, and no greater exception than this freakishly, devilishly delicious, hop filled bottle of lushness.  I’m talking about Dead Pony pale ale by them masterful bastard brewers at Brewdog.

This pale ale is a 3.8% session beer that substitutes nothing in flavour or aroma and is quite simply a delight to drink.  This is perfect for long summer afternoons with good friends as much as relaxing evenings in front of the tv.  Like all of Brewdogs pale ales, you’re slapped silly round the face with exotic, citrus, fruity new world hop aromas that literally dance on your nasal hairs. I love that!! Sweet fruit, lemon, lime, grapefruit,even mango, a hint of pepperiness and a mellow malty note somewhere in the background.


None of that is lost on the taste.  Caramel maltiness and bags of tropical hops flavour your tongue which ends with a crisp fresh bitterness. Very refreshing and clean without lacking an ounce of sweet, fruity biscuity flavour. Very delicious.

Mouthfeel on this is delightful, if maybe very slightly thin. That is most probably down to the lack of body being only 3.8%.  Mostly its very smooth and tingly on the tongue. The finish is dry and leaves a beautiful aftertaste of bitter fruity hops and a hint of maltiness.


Definately a great beer and is a great introduction to the range of beers Brewdog make.  We are after all talking about a brewery that created a record breaking 41% beer!!  I’m going to give this beer a hefty 9/10.  Because it simply is a great tasting beer that has everything you would want in a session pale ale.  That, and I am a huge fan of Martin and James and the team they have at Brewdog.  Keep them coming please gents..


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