The backyard brewery Bee 17 review

After everything I profess about lager, here I am reviewing a lager. I feel such a hypocrite.  However this isn’t your typically generic, mass produced dross that still to my amazement dominates the Uk beer market.  This is a microbrewed craft pilsner made in Sweden


Coming in at 4.7%abv Bee17 is a crisp refreshing golden lager that has a mild hoppy aroma.  Its dried hopped during fermentation, which gives it a slight hint of fresh cut grass and a hint of orangey citrus.  Nothing overpowering, but it’s definitly there amonst aromas of malt and honey sweetness.


It looks gorgeous in the glass.  Rich golden orange in colour and a nice thick creamy head.

Sadly though that is where the excitement ends. For the taste unfortunatly is just…..lager.  Dont get me wrong, as lagers go it tastes much better than your mainstream brands,  you can tell it has been lovingly crafted.  It just lacks body and substance for my pallet.  The hoppy notes on the nose are no where to be found in the mouth, which is a major disappointment. Especially since the can illustration has hop flowers on it and it actually states its dry hopped.  Despite those negative comments though I suppose as lager goes its not bad.  It does carry a bit of flavour, despite being generally wet and flacid.

Sorry Backyard brewing, but im afraid for my own taste I can only award this beverage a 4.5/10


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