DNA. New world IPA


I love English real ale.  I also love American craft beers.  So when US super brewers Dogfish Head and Uk brewing champions Wells & Young teamed up to make this Anglo-American mash up, I almost drowned in my own saliva.

This is a beer that combines the classic rich malty base of English real ale with that citrussy hoppy kick that East Coast craft beers are famous for. How the holy f#@k can this go wrong??  Let me tell you now my craft beer loving friends,  It can’t!!!

The marriage of English and American beer styles provide this awsome IPA with a rich, toasty, nutty start that makes it difficult to restrain ones self from downing the thing in one.  The mouthfeel is rich and smooth, a classic English ale feel.  This is soon complimented by the delicious hops, that when swallowing give you that classic intense citrus fruitiness that makes me love American IPAs so much.  The hops sort of cling to the roof and insides of your mouth, giving the perfect amount of bitterness, which marry so well with that nutty malty flavour.

It’s a devine drinking experience, and one even my loving wife agreed was, in her words, ‘very nice’, which is an endorsement in its own right.

Its very much a kind of fusion style of brewing.  Tim Sprake, international sales and agency director at Wells & Young explains.  “Rather than mashing a number of ingredients together, we’ve taken a special reduction of 60 minute IPA and combined it with our own special brewing processes.  Essentially taking the DNA of one beer and adding it to the brewing process of another.”

Well Mr Sprake, I and im sure many others salute your magnificent efforts.  I award this ‘fusion’ IPA a very tasty 8/10.  I found this beer at a Tescos superstore. I’m sure other reputable superstores may stock it too.  So get out and try it.  You’ll love it.


4 thoughts on “DNA. New world IPA

  1. I have been drinking dogfish for as long as I can remember, have visited the brewery, and try to always have at least a 6 pack by them in my fridge at all times. I had not heard of this collaboration until this post. Thanks for sharing! My husband’s current military assignment has us in a part of the US that, while is slowing growing in their craft beer scene, does not have the selection that we are used to. I am hoping I can find this somewhere before I miss out!


    1. Thankyou for your comment. I findit well worth checking out online craft beer stores. There are a few great ones here in the Uk. Im sure there must be plenty of beer suppliers online that can deliver to you. I hope you get to try it. Its a great beer 🙂


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