Brewdog Libertine black ale


I’ve sat staring at the cursor blinking on my screen for ages now.  This is about the tenth time I’ve came back to start this review, stared blankly at the screen, then abandoned the task in hand.  It’s like I’ve developed a mental stammer, where there is so much I want to say about this amazing beer, but there’s just no comprehendable way to begin, but I suppose one must try, so here it goes.

I suppose its difficult to write out a hop and burnt caramel, coffee and rich dark fruit induced orgasm on to a screen.  I suppose by explaining that a beer that is so fucking good,  so unbelivably genius that it leaves your head in an orgasmic spin, your legs as weak as jelly and your toes curled so hard your foot cramps. May sound a bit over the top, however if anyone heard my moans of appreciation upon tasting this unique beer this morning after a long nightshift, they may well have mistaken it for such thing. 

This beer so far, is the best I have ever tried.  It literally blows you away the second the layers upon layers of delicious aromas slap you in your face.

This beer pours jet black like a thick decadant porter or stout, with a thick tan coloured head.  Yet the initial aroma is that of grassy fruity hops. Which messes with your mind as to what it is exactly you are drinking. Its incredibly complex. An abundance of aromas that are layered, hiding, appearing at different stages as you work your way down the glass.  This is neither a stout or an Ipa but a gracious marriage of the two.  Beneath the hoppy tones lie rich dark roasted scents, coffee and burnt caramel are very much the dominant aromas, slight spicey notes of vanilla, maybe a hint of nutmeg are in there somewhere with definate undertones of dark fruits, most definiatly blackcuurant and maybe even cherry.


When you take your first sip of this beer it instantly screams porter.  Rich and smooth,full bodied but not heavy in the slightest.  It still carries that crazy quaffable charactaristic of a bold fruity ipa, which just blows your mind and makes it a drinking experience like no other.  It makes me think this is something Willy Wonka would make if he were a brewer, so unique and out there in its boldness this beer is.  Your mouth is flooded with rich, hearty burnt caramel toffee flavours and a intense bitterness.  It’s difficult to explain.  Theres an almost burnt wood smokeiness to it, and lasting flavours of treacle, Coffee, and a warmness of alcohol that sets the saliva glands into overdrive.  Its so hard to not want more once you start.  The after taste just lingers in your mouth, purring at you not to forget, and seducing you to drink more.  The complex blend of malts and precise hop additions make this very easy to forget its 7.2%abv, which is rather dangerous(in a very good way). 

The true genius to this beer is the way it decieves. By immitating a delicious rich porter or stout, yet performing like a champion IPA in the mouth.  Its delicious. Its genius in its invention, and a beer I feel only those alchemist brewers at brewdog could create.

This beer is available online or at your nearest Brewdog Bar.  I highly recommend you check this beer out!!!


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