Anchor IPA review


Last week I managed to find a website that has an abundance of craft beers from breweries both in the Uk and abroad.  To my delight I spotted the Anchor brewery in the sites search by brewery list and quickly added this IPA to my online basket. Anchor is a San Francisco based craft brewery that claims to be the original craft brewery in the USA.  So I was anticipating good things from this beer, and to be fair it didn’t let me down. 

The beer poured a stunning copper amber colour with a good thick, slightly off white head that retained its self nicely. 

On the nose you get that fabulous fruity American hop aroma,  packed with citrussy notes.  Grapefruit and orange peel are very prominant, but also a sweet toasted caramel and toffee like aroma which is very inviting.  No funky off notes that i could detect.

The taste is big rich and hoppy.  A medium mouth feel, crisp and refreshing with sweet, honey and malt balanced out perfect with a big fruity citrussy punch that washes your pallet clean on swallowing. Again I get big grapefruit flavour which I love.  There is no bad exerience to this.  From opening, the look is gorgeous, its smells even better and the taste is rich and classic IPA with bags of citrus, piney, resinous flavours that balance out the sweetness from.the malts. 

A fantastic IPA from this famous American brewery.  I can’t wait to try more beers from them.  I give this Anchor IPA a solid 7.8/10.


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