The kernel ipa. Ella. Citra, apollo, simcoe


A delicious IPA from one of the top craft breweries in London, The Kernel.  Thier beers are constantly evolving due to the fact they brew using what ingredients they have available at the time. Meaning no two brews are ever quite the same.

This beer is bottle conditioned and pours a wonderful hazy orange with a finger thick bright white head.   It looks very elegant in the glass and extremely inviting.

This particular India Pale Ale is balanced out with ella, Citra, apollo and simcoe hops.  Providing a wonderful array of fruitiness on the nose.  Big peachy aroma and honey sweetness from the malt.  A full hoppy grassy smell.  Very much an American style IPA.

In the mouth this has a good medium body feel. Rich toasted malty sweetness,  balanced well with the bitterness from the hops.  A delightful fruity citrus undertone leaves a very clean feel after swallowing and a thirst for more dry finish.

Overall this beer is a testament to the glowing reputation of The Kernel Brewery.  Offering a wonderfully strong 7.5% IPA that is perfectly balanced and deliciously drinkable.  I give this beer an 7.8/10.


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