Meantime London Pale Ale


Finally managed to get my hands on a beer from this brewery, which has built up a fantastic reputation for reinventing classic old beer recipes from the Capital. 

This crisp refreshing pale ale pours a wonderful golden copper colour with a decent bright white head.  On the nose, biscuity malt aromas make way for light fruitiness, slight floral aromas tickle your nasal hairs and lures of grapefruit suck you in.

The mouth feel is medium. Its quite smooth with medium carbonation,  the flavour is not anything overpowering.  It delivers a quenching, refreshing malty punch that is very well balanced with the hops, the casscade hops come through leaving juicy fruit citrus on the pallet.  Its very drinkable. And my only regret is that I only bought one to try, which instantly annoyed me.  Overall i thoroughly enjoyed it and definitly wanted more.  It reminded of me of some of the better English ales I’ve tried only taken to that extra crafty level that makes it stand out.  I look forward to trying more of this breweries beers soon.  A very tasty 7/10.


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