Flying Dog Brewery, Easy IPA


Don’t you just love trying an American IPA for the first time.  Well if you don’t there must be something wrong with your head and you should probably get it checked, but anyway, I had the pleasure of sampling this fruity, juicy delight after work today. Fromthe Flying Dog brewery, USA!!  I liked that it came in a can.  Its well known that canning locks in the freshness of a beer so much better than a bottle can (excuse the lame pun),  and this sample did not let me down.  The spray of hop aroma on opening was wonderful.  Fresh, crisp, fruity bouquets filled my nose wonderfully.  Definite notes of apricot and tropical mango, mixed with zesty lemon and orange rounded out with a fresh spicy piney aroma.  Very delicious. Incredibly inviting.  The look of the beer after pouring could quench your thirst on its own.  A wonderful bright golden colour laying beneath a thick bright white head.  This beer gets top marks from me on aroma and appearance. 

The Flying Dog beer is not named ‘easy’ ipa for nothing.  It’s one of the freshed crisp beers I’ve tasted.  Very light bodied and a crisp dry finish.  I dont detect too much malty sweetness.  For me its all tropical citrus hoppiness.  Not a bad thing at all in my opinion being a huge hop head. You get that slightly bitter citrus zestiness, which is so refreshing.  Apricot is definatly a flavour I detect and your mouth gets a good hit of tropical fruit.  The finish is very clean and crisp leaving you feeling refreshed and wanting more.  They don’t brand this a session beer for nothing.  This beer would be great enjoyed sat in the sun with a group of friends and drinking it reminds you of summer sun and good times.

Very nice Flying Dog.  A nice 8/10 from me. 


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