Brewery upgrade update

So last Saturday we placed our order for our new stainless steel 100litre HLT and our new stainless steel double insulated 78litre mash tun.  To say we are excited is a bit of an understatement.  The items are custom made to our own specific requirements and our HLT will be ready to collect this friday and the mash tun the following week. 

If you are a regular homebrewer using a plastic cool box and electrim plastic boilers then I’m sure you’ll understand the excitement of the imminent arrival of shiney brewing vessels.  Not to mention the capacity to triple our output.

Our trusty old mashtun

So once the HLT is in place we are going to produce our final beer from our trusted 30 litre coolbox mashtun and make a christmas beer ready to bottle up and put away for the 2015 festivities.  Then when the new mashtun arrives a double 10 gallon batch of our optional hop pale ale will be made to christen the new ‘shiney’!! 

Im going to try and document our final brew on the old mashtun and do an updated post when the new mashtun arrives to give everyone a rundown on our brewery.  I may even begin doing some video reviews of first tastings of our homebrews.  I leave you with a picture of our optional hop pale ale and look forward to my next update on my brewing adventures.

Optional hop pale ale

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