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A story on the lack of hop forward, non cost cutting, thinking out the box modern craft beer available in the best bitter, boring real ale brewing Uk

Im not normally one to go into a full on rant, but quite frankly, I couldn’t be more annoyed at how slow and pathetic this country of mine is at truely getting on board this so called craft beer revolution.  Why isn’t it being made more available?  Other than Brewdog, there is  no craft beer on our supermarket shelves other than what is imported from America.  I want to see the mass amounts of microbrewery beer on our beer shelves to be true craft beer, not the same old boring malt overdosed bitters, milds, brown ales and golden ales.  Dont get me wrong.  I dont mind the odd one, but come on.  Other than the pretty but typically boring old man type labelling theres not a lot to tell them all apart.  Its as if the directive to the brewer was clairty and head retention. Completly overlooking the small details of flavour and aroma.  Come on microbreweries of the Uk.  Put some hops in your beer for heavens sake.  Give us some flavour.  And dont any of you realise that there are more hops available around the world. You can try something new world for a change instead of the usual Kent Goldings, or First gold. Which by the way pack about as much flavour as a bucket of cigarette butts.  Dont they realise that people want more flavour in their beer.  I recognise blending hops for bittering compared to blending them for flavour, aroma and bittering is a completly different challenge.  Hence why beer that tastes amazing is known as ‘craft’ beer.  So get crafty. I beg you.  Look at Brewdog.  They claim to use 40 times the amount of hops compared to the majority of uk microbreweries.  Look at the success they have.  Its not just the hip image and branding that makes their beer popular, its actually because its un fucking believably good beer.  Take a lesson from them. And give us some other options.  Dont get me wrong there are exceptions to the rule on this rant.  I have a love for a good handfull of real craft breweries in this country.  The Kernal, Alechemy,  Meantime and Tiny rebel to name a few few.  You all know who Im talking about.  Some of my favourite microbreweries, Blacksheep for example,who make really wonderful real ales.  I feel a brewery of this nature could and should be producing a top class high hopped IPA and give us something different to the norm,something thats slaps you around the face in hop flavour and aroma.

My brew buddy and I probably use more hops in our 5gallon brews at home than some of the bigger renowned breweries use.  So come on.  Pull your finger out. And dilute the shelf full of malty brown water and fill in the spaces with something a little more crafty. 

Rant over. 


Brewdog Libertine black ale


I’ve sat staring at the cursor blinking on my screen for ages now.  This is about the tenth time I’ve came back to start this review, stared blankly at the screen, then abandoned the task in hand.  It’s like I’ve developed a mental stammer, where there is so much I want to say about this amazing beer, but there’s just no comprehendable way to begin, but I suppose one must try, so here it goes.

I suppose its difficult to write out a hop and burnt caramel, coffee and rich dark fruit induced orgasm on to a screen.  I suppose by explaining that a beer that is so fucking good,  so unbelivably genius that it leaves your head in an orgasmic spin, your legs as weak as jelly and your toes curled so hard your foot cramps. May sound a bit over the top, however if anyone heard my moans of appreciation upon tasting this unique beer this morning after a long nightshift, they may well have mistaken it for such thing. 

This beer so far, is the best I have ever tried.  It literally blows you away the second the layers upon layers of delicious aromas slap you in your face.

This beer pours jet black like a thick decadant porter or stout, with a thick tan coloured head.  Yet the initial aroma is that of grassy fruity hops. Which messes with your mind as to what it is exactly you are drinking. Its incredibly complex. An abundance of aromas that are layered, hiding, appearing at different stages as you work your way down the glass.  This is neither a stout or an Ipa but a gracious marriage of the two.  Beneath the hoppy tones lie rich dark roasted scents, coffee and burnt caramel are very much the dominant aromas, slight spicey notes of vanilla, maybe a hint of nutmeg are in there somewhere with definate undertones of dark fruits, most definiatly blackcuurant and maybe even cherry.


When you take your first sip of this beer it instantly screams porter.  Rich and smooth,full bodied but not heavy in the slightest.  It still carries that crazy quaffable charactaristic of a bold fruity ipa, which just blows your mind and makes it a drinking experience like no other.  It makes me think this is something Willy Wonka would make if he were a brewer, so unique and out there in its boldness this beer is.  Your mouth is flooded with rich, hearty burnt caramel toffee flavours and a intense bitterness.  It’s difficult to explain.  Theres an almost burnt wood smokeiness to it, and lasting flavours of treacle, Coffee, and a warmness of alcohol that sets the saliva glands into overdrive.  Its so hard to not want more once you start.  The after taste just lingers in your mouth, purring at you not to forget, and seducing you to drink more.  The complex blend of malts and precise hop additions make this very easy to forget its 7.2%abv, which is rather dangerous(in a very good way). 

The true genius to this beer is the way it decieves. By immitating a delicious rich porter or stout, yet performing like a champion IPA in the mouth.  Its delicious. Its genius in its invention, and a beer I feel only those alchemist brewers at brewdog could create.

This beer is available online or at your nearest Brewdog Bar.  I highly recommend you check this beer out!!!



When it comes to weaker beers, you as a rule end up drinking something that,lets be honest, tastes like watered down cat urine.  There are exceptions to that general rule of thumb of course, and no greater exception than this freakishly, devilishly delicious, hop filled bottle of lushness.  I’m talking about Dead Pony pale ale by them masterful bastard brewers at Brewdog.

This pale ale is a 3.8% session beer that substitutes nothing in flavour or aroma and is quite simply a delight to drink.  This is perfect for long summer afternoons with good friends as much as relaxing evenings in front of the tv.  Like all of Brewdogs pale ales, you’re slapped silly round the face with exotic, citrus, fruity new world hop aromas that literally dance on your nasal hairs. I love that!! Sweet fruit, lemon, lime, grapefruit,even mango, a hint of pepperiness and a mellow malty note somewhere in the background.


None of that is lost on the taste.  Caramel maltiness and bags of tropical hops flavour your tongue which ends with a crisp fresh bitterness. Very refreshing and clean without lacking an ounce of sweet, fruity biscuity flavour. Very delicious.

Mouthfeel on this is delightful, if maybe very slightly thin. That is most probably down to the lack of body being only 3.8%.  Mostly its very smooth and tingly on the tongue. The finish is dry and leaves a beautiful aftertaste of bitter fruity hops and a hint of maltiness.


Definately a great beer and is a great introduction to the range of beers Brewdog make.  We are after all talking about a brewery that created a record breaking 41% beer!!  I’m going to give this beer a hefty 9/10.  Because it simply is a great tasting beer that has everything you would want in a session pale ale.  That, and I am a huge fan of Martin and James and the team they have at Brewdog.  Keep them coming please gents..



Not sure if you like craft beer???  You clearly haven’t tried Punk IPA by the legendary craft beer creators at Brewdog in bonny Scotland.
Best friends Martin and James founded Brewdog to change peoples perception on beer.  They like myself and many others were becoming disillusioned with the beer scene in the uk.  And in my opinion these two guys are the ones responsible for starting the revolution of craft beer in the uk.  Inspired by the hop heavy beers they tried in the states, they go hop crazy in thier approach to beer making. And I for one champion that approach.

This amazing beer instantly smacks you in the face with heavy tropical citrusy aromas.  It smells so good it could easily be inhaled instead of drank. But that is not reccomended.  Light and golden in colour and coming in at a rather tasty 5.6%, this when chilled to between 4-6 degrees is most definatly quaffable.  Instantly engulfing your entire mouth with tropical fruit flavours. These upon swallowing turn intensly citrusy. With grapefruit very prominant to continue the exotic taste.  The beer for its strength is very smooth and it ends with a very satisfying bitterness that doesn’t leave the pallet too dry.  I love this beer. And it should be celebrated. Not just for the quality and ingenious in its invention, but for being one of the genuine heavyweights in the uk craft beer revolution.

Get to your supermarket and buy this
beer and see for yourself how good beer can truly be.